North Avenue | About Us
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North Avenue is a London based video marketing agency founded in 2018 by Andrew Curtin. We specialise in researching, creating, producing and publishing creative video content to help brands entertain and grow their customer base online.

So, What is Video Marketing?


Video Marketing is a strategy using informative videos by brands through their online platforms, to promote their products and services. The main purpose is to spread consistent awareness of a brands offerings and capabilities through customer orientated content.

Andrew Curtin was born and raised in Cork, Ireland. He studied a BA in Economics at University College Cork before undertaking an MSc in Marketing at Ulster University.

Post university, Andrew emigrated to Chicago, Illinois where he worked in the sales and marketing department for one of Ireland’s most renowned brands, Kerrygold.  After his time in the US, Andrew relocated to London, where he worked with Europe’s leading digital sports agency, Seven League.

After working at Seven league, Andrew knew that he wanted to take the entrepreneurial leap. Therefore, he set up North Avenue (named after his favourite street in Chicago). ‘The worst that can happen, isn’t that bad’ he says.
That’s Andrew!