Amazon’s most expensive toothpaste

By: Andrew Curtin

If you go onto Amazon, type in any product, hit ‘sort by’ in the top right-hand corner, and click ‘Price: High to Low’, you’ll see some interesting results. You will see some irrelevant stuff as well; you just have to flick through it until you hit the bullseye. After hours of flicking through lavish watches and paintings, we stumbled upon an unlikely luxury item: toothpaste.

In 2012, two doctors and a business executive came together with the intention “to disrupt an industry starving for innovation.” Theodent was born, a new oral care company that uses cocoa and theobromine instead of fluoride (which we all use while brushing our teeth every day). After a few years of product development, Theodent 300 arrived on the market, Amazon’s most expensive toothpaste, retailing at £105.79.

Theodent’s ‘about us’ page welcomes you with puzzling dental and medical vocabulary, but their homepage video more than defines the company’s mission. Check out this video.

After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, life sciences became a renewed focus for the city of New Orleans (where Theodent is based). The city got a chance to press ‘reset’ and began to deep dive into the information economy.

Theodent’s use of chocolate in their toothpaste has led to media articles claiming it is ‘chocolate flavoured toothpaste’ and ‘chocolate is now good for you’. But Theodent highlights the fact that everyday chocolate carries many cariogenic agents, and doesn’t promote its consumption. Instead, Theodent extracts chocolates most natural ingredients and puts it in their toothpaste.

Dental vocabulary is not our strongest area of the English language. But we do hear the word ‘enamel’ a lot whenever we go to visit our dentist. Data suggests that there is a “2x times greater impact of the hardening of the tooth structure and enamel as compared to fluoride.”

If you are looking to stock up on some Theodent 300 and want to save a few quid, we recommend you go directly to the website rather than Amazon. It will save you £23, bringing the price down to a more conservative, £82.

This is Amazon’s most expensive toothpaste, therefore we had to go check out some Amazon reviews. We just had to, after all, who wouldn’t like to get some inside info on people who spend over £100 on one tube of toothpaste.

The product only had 17 reviews, 66% gave it a 5-star rating. It currently holds an overall score of 4.2/5.

One person said the toothpaste is a “replacement of professional dental cleaning”. Another lady said she “wanted to get her husband a few luxury items for his travel bag” and now her family has a “soft velvety” feeling after brushing their teeth.

Ok, time for the not so good reviews.

One reviewer said the “product destroyed her son’s teeth in less than a week” while another claimed it made “no difference”.

You’d have to respect the research and development it took to bring this product to market. And you can’t complain about the price. Hey, if somebody will buy it at that price, there is obviously a demand there. People drive Range Rovers every day. Some day you might see a tube of Theodent 300 in the glove compartment 😉

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