By: Andrew Curtin

Cazoo, founded in 2018, allows consumers to buy a car online and have it delivered to their door in 72 hours, allowing a 7-day money-back guarantee, a free 90-day warranty with RAC roadside assistance, and 7 days of free driveaway insurance, according to their website.

Here’s an example of a flip I did recently:

The company owns and restores all of its cars before selling them to the public, while also allowing buyers to receive instant financing and instant offers for any car part exchange.

Cazoo is headed up by serial entrepreneur, Alex Chesterman, founder of Zoopla.

It has been a good start to the week for Alex and his team, as Cazoo is raising £25m in a deal that makes it the fastest-ever UK start-up to hit a $1bn valuation.

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