By: Andrew Curtin

Prior to COVID, the food-to-go sector was worth £18.5 billion, with sandwiches taking up £7.5 billion of these sales. When the coronavirus hit, the industry started falling, fast! With nobody ‘on-the-go’ anymore, the freefall was inevitable.

Adelie Foods, one of the UK’s largest sandwich manufacturers, and suppliers to Caffe Nero and Aldi, went into administration at the end of May, according to WIRED. A recent Nielson study highlighted 57.7% decrease in sandwich sales via convenience stores from May 19′ to May 20′.

Jim Winship of the British Sandwich & Food to Go Association told WIRED “The industry is on its knees, there is basically no or very little business. Some sandwich bars are doing takeaway, but the majority are hardly functioning at all. If landlords start demanding back rent as soon as people start going to work, vendors will struggle to meet that.”

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