By: Andrew Curtin

Things could get even more interesting for Uber. The ride-hailing giant has joined forces with Marin Transit, a public bus agency based in Marin County, California. Uber will not charge them a booking fee, but a monthly subscription, a subscription that will allow the public authority to access Uber’s customer base and management software.

According to Intelligent Transport, the service will offer Marin residents expanded mobility options to and from doctor’s appointments, grocery stores, and more. Residents will see a new option called Marin Connect when they open the Uber app.

Uber has entered the licensing world, essentially. The deal represents their first-ever SaaS partnership, and all going well could be a very promising revenue model if they can get more public agencies on board.

Rides begin on July 1st! We will leave you guys know how this deal is going in a few months. 

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