By: Andrew Curtin

Most of us are still marketing like it’s the 1990’s, wanting to close the deal in the first meeting.

It’s kind of crazy with all the new platforms, and we are still creating content that is suitable for radio, TV, and newspaper. Social media gives us the opportunity not only to reach new audiences at a lower price but also allowing us to create more long-winded content that can create a larger and more intriguing offering to your consumer. But yet again, week after week we receive emails, In-mails, and pushy promo videos asking us to buy some randomers service or product.

Would you like to create a brand or sale? I’d rather the former! Yes, I know we have to create sales to live, but if you want to build a brand and something that has longevity, you will have to be more patient. I personally believe that the company creating content, whether it’s video, podcast or blog, that is insightful and educational to your end consumer, will win the race and create an awesome brand for themselves.

I think we see the term ‘social media’ as an exhausted one, a one that reached its full capacity a few years ago. However, if you look at most of your favourite coffee shops, restaurants, nightclubs or corporates social media accounts you will find that only a few of them are providing insightful valuable content. This is disappointing in one sense but on the other, it creates enormous opportunity. If you are in the services game like me, this creates the opportunity for you to reach out to the above industries and possibly create a new client for yourself.

The options are endless now, you can create valuable & insightful content, such as creating a weekly vlog showing the struggles and process involved in your startup or even your mature business. With this route, you don’t even have to mention your services or your product, your customer will find that out for themselves. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Consumers are nosy. We all want to know what’s going on behind the scenes in someone’s life or organisation. Have you ever found yourself and Instagram or Snapchat spending a significant amount of time looking at a person’s story even though you’re not particularly interested in them or what they do? The reason you do this is that we all like the see what others are doing behind the scenes.

And you can use this to your advantage with your company. Forget about the pushy promo photos or videos about your ‘wonderful’ brand and start providing people with educational content about your industry or niche, not your company. Nobody likes to listen to others talk about themselves! For example, if you have a supermarket, you could create a weekly vlog or podcast interviewing your local vegetable suppliers and I guarantee you that people will be interested in his or her story about how they operate their vegetable business.

So the next time you are creating you’re beautiful artwork in Photoshop, ask yourself am I really really providing my consumer with enough value and information or am I just posting for the sake of it? It’s 2019, not 1995. Communication channels have increased for the better, not for the worst.

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