Why you should never buy a podcast course!

By: Andrew Curtin

I launched my podcast over a year ago.

Ever since joining the podcast world, my social media has been bombarded with podcast courses, services, and loads of other junk. Ad targeting at its highest!

You should never buy a podcast course. To be honest, I don’t even understand how there is a market for people who want to buy podcast courses. The information is free all over the web, and let’s think about it for a second, all you need is microphones and recording software. You’ll more than likely need guests, but I don’t think you’ll need courses to learn how to do that.

Okay. Let’s go through what you will need. I’ll break it up into three tiers. Tier one – cheapest option, tier two – standard option, tier three – higher-end option.

Tier one:

Download anchor, and begin podcasting

This app does everything you need to get your podcast off the ground. Recording, call guests, distribution, editing, you name it.

Tier two:

Ok. This is where you’ve realised that your podcast could go somewhere and you’d like to bring it up a notch. So here is what I recommend:

You’ll need a podcast hosting website to upload and distribute your podcast too, use this one:

And use the below to record your audio:

Tier three:

If your podcasting career is going through the roof, and you want to compete with the big boys both in content and production, these are good options:

Now let’s move onto some other stuff.


Try to recruit your first ten guests before launching the show. It will be difficult to get Gary Vaynerchuck on your first podcast, so start with people you know. If you don’t need guests, less headache for you.

Launching your show

The day you are launching your show to the world, have two episodes ready to go. This will make your library look far less naked. While also giving listeners something else to chew on.

Software and equipment questions

YouTube has everything you need. It is your best friend, your messiah, so use it!

Finishing up

Podcast titles, descriptions, artwork, and those minor bits are the easy part. Focus on getting the right guests, that’s the hard part. And if you’re podcast has taken the world by surprise and you want to monetize it. Google “How to monetize my podcast” and you will get the answers.

Be epic,


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